Registration Procedure

  1. Please read the "Terms & Conditions" and "Important Notes" listed below before registration.
  2. For Individual and Family, registration through online system is highly recommended.
    For Corporate Team, registration shall be done through the offline form.
  3. After a successful online registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation email.
  4. For registration done through offline form, you will receive a confirmation email upon full payment is settled.
  5. Registration deadline: 14 May 2017

Terms and Conditions for Application

  1. Applicants are requested to understand and observe the terms and conditions and important notes for application before submitting the entry.  Entries will only be processed upon receipt of full payment of entry fees. Once the entry fee is paid, it will not be refunded. 
  2. Application must be submitted no later than 14 May 2017. Application is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The organizer reserves the right to close entries before the deadline without any notice.
  3. The organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse entries.
  4. Participants must ensure that they are medically and physically fit to participate in the race. The organizer reserves the right to disallow any person who is known or suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event.
  5. Participants of Individuals aged 14 or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Family Team can include a maximum of 4 participants with at least one member aged 16 or younger. Corporate Team can include a maximum of 10 participants.
  6. The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry of any applicants who provide false information, do not make the required payment, or fail to meet entry requirements as stated in the entry form.
  7. In case of special need where a participant wishes to change to another category after an entry has been accepted, a written application specifying the reasons for the request must be made before the category quota is full. An administration fee HK$50 will be charged.
  8. The organizer reserves the right to change or cut short part of the route before or during the walks without prior notice due to road conditions or emergency.
  9. Participants should adhere to the organizer’s rules and regulations. The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons to the event, or request any persons to leave the route.
  10. Neither a replacement participant nor an assignment of the right to the walk is allowed.
  11. Participation in the event is voluntary and at the own risk of participants. Each participant agrees to absolve the Organizer and any sponsor and/or supporting organizations from any and all liabilities arising from bodily injuries, accidents, death or other losses during or caused by travelling to and from the event venue as well as in the event.
  12. Organizer and their agents shall have the absolute discretion to use any photograph or video of the event for any lawful purposes including advertising and promotion of the event.
  13. By submitting the entry, applicant agrees to observe and accept all the terms and conditions of the event contained herein and as shall from time to time be introduced by the organizer.

Important Notes

  1. Please submit your entry ONCE only. Multiple applications by the same individual will not be considered as valid. Refunds of duplicated entries are not available.
  2. Consult a doctor for any health risk before registration and participating in the walk.
  3. Public Liability Insurance is covered by the organizer. Participants are strongly advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately.
  4. The organizer may contact an applicant by phone or email for additional information required for matters relating to application.
  5. Participants must wear the badge provided by the organizer to participated in the walk.
  6. Participants are advised to arrive at the starting point 15 minutes before the walk starts. The organizer will not be responsible in case that a participant arrives late for the event and necessary registration procedures because of traffic conditions and delay in public transportation.
  7. First-aid support will be provided at the venue.
  8. Please take care of your personal belongings and your children. The organizer will not be responsible for any losses or injuries.
  9. Please keep the venue and route clean and tidy.
  10. No pets or any form of wheel-run objects of transport, bicycles, skates, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, etc. are allowed on the route.
  11. If Typhoon signal no.8 or above is in force at 7:00am on 14 May, 2017, the event will be cancelled. Entry fees will not be refunded.